Volumetric Behavior Study of Petroleum Fluids Mixtures Through Shrinkage Factor

  • Ali Vakilinejad
  • Waqar Ahmad
  • Gholamreza Vakili-Nezhaad


In the present study, a set of experiments in the full range of the volume fractions of the petroleum blends were conducted in order to achieve the volumetric behavior of the blends. The blends were prepared using a crude of 23.87 OAPI and a condensate of 53.76 OAPI. After accurate weight and volumetric measurements, the shrinkage factor in each composition was obtained. The experimental values were compared with the calculated results using the formula presented in API publication 2509C. Moreover, the experimental data were compared with the results obtained from the formula released in the Manual of Petroleum Measurements Standards published in 1996. It was observed that these two formulas are able to predict the volume of the mixtures produced from Omani crudes and diluents with an ignorable error in engineering calculations although the later one showed a better applicability. The Average Absolute Deviation percentage error of the first formula was showed to be 3.66% while that of the later formula was 1.41%.

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VAKILINEJAD, Ali; AHMAD, Waqar; VAKILI-NEZHAAD, Gholamreza. Volumetric Behavior Study of Petroleum Fluids Mixtures Through Shrinkage Factor. ICTEA: International Conference on Thermal Engineering, [S.l.], v. 2017, mar. 2017. Available at: <http://journals.library.ryerson.ca/ictea/article/view/53>. Date accessed: 19 feb. 2018.