Study of Energy Utilization Scenario in Bangladesh

  • Mohammad iqbal
  • ABM Abdul Malek
  • Salma Akhter
  • Mohammad Farhad Howladar
  • Ahm Shamsuzzoha


Bangladesh is one of the developing country in the world suffering from huge energy shortage. This country has over 160 million population, which needs substantial amount of energy to maintain their daily life in a proper way. Keeping this objective in mind, this study mainly concentrated to the current energy sources and potential sources from where country’s energy demand can be meet in future. In addition to, conventional sources of energy, potential sources of renewable sources are analyzed and discussed. This study also examined the current energy mix, present energy crisis and its way to overcome such scenario by utilizing alternative energy sources such as biomass, solar, wind and smallscale hydro-power energy, in the context of Bangladesh.

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