The Effect of Date Seeds size and Type on the Oil Extraction Percentage

  • Emad Elnajjar
  • Sulaiman Al-Zuhair
  • Salah Al Omari
  • Ali Alnaqbi
  • Shereen Hassan


Recently, a great deal of attention has been focused on the production of biodiesel from non-eatable organic material so it will not compete with the food chain. The present work is a preliminary study focused on the effect of the date seeds size and type on the percentage oil extraction. Two different types of united Arab Emirates’ Date seeds: Khallas and Allig are used in this study. After preparation and grinding the date seeds to five different sizes: 0.1<PS<0.3 mm, 0.3<PS<0.85 mm, 0.85<PS<1.18 mm, PS>1.18 mm, whole DS and nanosize, two different method of oil extraction are used: Soxhlet and Folch methods. The results of this study show an clear effect of the date seeds size on the percentage of oil extraction. Date seed with size of 0.1<PS<0.3 mm exhibits the largest amount of oil extraction of an average of 9.5 percent from both types of used Date seeds. Different type demonstrate different percentage of oil extracted of an average 8% were notice among all samples.

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