Chaotic Mixing Using Vortex in a CylindricalL Micromixer

  • Amin Safi
  • Mohammad O hamdan
  • Emad Elnajjar
  • Afzal Hussain


In this paper,chaotic mixing performance in a cylindrical micro mixer is numerically evaluated at low Reynolds number (Re<2000). The effect of geometry parameters on chaotic mixing are investigated at different Reynolds number ratios. The cylindrical micro mixer consists of two circumferential inlets and one centered outlet. The two 0.3 mm inlets are placed at one of the end side the cylindrical micro mixer while the 0.2 mm outlet is placed in the center of other end side of the cylindrical micro mixer. The numerical results show that at low Reynolds number there is no mixing or at least incomplete mixing in the micro mixer and also incomplete mixing when the height of the cylindrical mixer was increased for twice of the diameter. The good chaotic mixing occurs at high Reynolds number and shorter height of the mixer. The influence of the Reynolds number ratio also was investigated. It was shown that a chaotic mixing occurs in higher Re ratio and shorter height of the mixer.

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