A New Modelling Approach for Two-Phase Pressure Drop In Combining Tee Junctions

  • Weicheng Wu
  • Gavin Joyce
  • Hassan Soliman


When two streams of gas-liquid flow are combined in a tee junction to form a single stream, pressure drops occur due to the junction. Each pressure drop consists of reversible and irreversible components. The reversible component can be estimated analytically, while the irreversible component cannot be formulated analytically. Earlier researchers have mostly formulated the two-phase irreversible component using the same formulation of the single-phase irreversible component, sometimes with an arbitrary correction factor. Several correction factors were proposed in the literature without justification other than the agreement with the data. In this work, the independent parameters influencing the two-phase irreversible component were identified and the form of dependence of the irreversible pressure drop on each independent parameter was examined separately. This resulted in a formulation of the irreversible component based on the two-phase data. The comparison between the model and experimental data produced excellent agreement.

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WU, Weicheng; JOYCE, Gavin; SOLIMAN, Hassan. A New Modelling Approach for Two-Phase Pressure Drop In Combining Tee Junctions. ICTEA: International Conference on Thermal Engineering, [S.l.], v. 2017, mar. 2017. Available at: <http://journals.library.ryerson.ca/ictea/article/view/28>. Date accessed: 20 feb. 2018.