One thing we know for certain is that fashion studies’ strength lies in its ability to engage with other disciplines. From pop culture to archeology, as the first open access journal in fashion academia we welcome innovative work that invokes a critical study of fashion. We encourage multi-media submissions and are excited about diverse theoretical and methodological approaches. We want to help nurture fashion as a fun, creative field of study; therefore, we encourage forward thinking, cutting edge submissions.


Issue 1

Our inaugural issue is here! And we couldn’t be more proud; or nervous. We have big dreams for Fashion Studies: as the first open access journal in fashion academia, we will set the bar for submissions that are published at no cost to contributors or readers. This is pretty important to us. Our goal is to annually showcase engaging and evocative work that grapples with the tough issues, works that refuse to back down from the undeniably complicated nature of fashion studies. Because we love fashion, we engage with it. And we set the bar, and our hopes, high with this first issue.

Without your help, this vision would not be possible. Fashion Studies is in search of academic work that analyzes fashion in an interdisciplinary manner. Our journal is mixed media focused: academic papers or creative work, as well as combinations of the two, are always welcome. We also invite interviews in traditional or mixed media formats. Submissions that interact with topics such as diversity, feminism and social change are in particular encouraged! To jump start your creative juices, we include this list of sample topics:

  • Fashion and equality
  • Fashion and the environment
  • Fashion inclusion and representation
  • Fashion and identity
  • Fashion and political change

Papers, photo essays, art and videos are all just some examples of acceptable formats. Please see our submission guidelines for more details and information!

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